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It’s no secret that I love cushions. I’m actually a great believer that there is no such a thing as “too many cushions in the house” (I’m sure Someone would disagree with me on that). In fact I’m almost sure that I own way more cushions than dresses (I don’t know what that says about me!). But the truth is that if your money doesn’t stretch as far as to Ralph Lauren Home  furniture and Kartell lighting, and you like to be surrounded by pretty things (hell, we do!) then spending 10 quid on a new cushion now and then is almost like paying for your sanity (which is well worth it, I’d say!). So instead of staring at the picture of a sofa in your favourite shade of pink in the magazine (that would perfectly fit into your living room by the way), or window licking at your favourite store that is way out of your reach, buy yourself a new cushion, or two in fact! I know I already did a post about cushions few months ago but with the new season round the corner we definitely need some new cushions in our lives. 

So here’s the latest round-up of the best cushions under £20…

Velvet is so popular right now – everyone has a crush on velvet! But if you can’t get a new velvet sofa because a) your sofa is still in good condition as you only bought it a year ago or b) your sofa isn’t in such a good condition and so isn’t your bank statement, then you’re definitely in need of some new velvet cushions! H&M has a really good range of velvet cushions in almost every colour. And with a price tag of £6.99 they are definitely the cheapest velvet cushions I have found (actually Ikea’s are £5 but not as many colours to choose from). I have a collection of my own that I’ve managed to accumulate over the past few months.

And here’s where you can get them from:

H&M dark blue cushion cover
Ikea velvet cushion cover

If somehow you’ve managed to escape that velvet obsession and you’re actually more of a globetrotter type at heart, then this cushion from Dunelm could be just a thing for you. For £20 you can buy two because this cushion (pad included) is only £10.

Dunelm Global cushion


Now, when it comes to kid’s cushions, I’m sorry but I just have to say this (and I’m sure all the mums out there agree with me on that) – I’m really sick of the same Frozen, Spider-man, My Little Pony’s or any other kid’s mesmerizing shit they throw at us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging anyone – I’m buying the same shit! Do I have a choice? Yes,if I want to be the worst mum on the planet (which apparently I am anyway, because I make my kids eat grains!). But none of us want to be that kind of a parent so sometimes we just have to give in to some things. For this reason I was so pleased when I saw this lovely Alice in Wonderland cushion from a family run business Marshall Marks Interiors. I was even more pleased when I was kindly offered one to try! The cushion is absolutely beautiful with Alice in Wonderland’s characters on the front and black with little brand tag at the back. Kids will love it and the mums will be happy too – £15 for a good quality hand-made cushion. Yuppie! No more Frozen hell!


So while I was browsing Marshall Marks Interiors Facebook page (that’s where they sell from) I also found these beauties (which are my absolute favourites!):


Beautiful motif and colours absolutely bang on trend! They sell them for £15 each or you can buy two for £26, which is almost ridiculous price when you consider these are hand-made in the UK! So you’re not only buying yourself a pair of gorgeous cushions but helping UK family run business too! Win win!

You can see the full range of Marshall Marks Interiors cushions by clicking here

The next cushion on this list is definitely going to satisfy all the Scandi style lovers with its simple geometric shapes and delicate blue, yellow and grey colour palette. The cushion is from and cost £15 (although these are on offer 3 for 2 so if you need three of them in your life, they will come up as £10 each).

Stockholm cushion –

Staying on the same note (style for that matter), there is a whole new collection of absolutely gorgeous cushions from Sostrene Grenes.

For some strange reason I have only discovered their shop couple of months ago and for all of you that haven’t yet – you should. It’s an absolute must for all the Scandinavian style fanatics and definitely for anyone who appreciate good quality products at very reasonable prices! The cushions start at £10.98 but once you’re there you won’t be able to leave without buying more from their beautiful collection.

To see the whole collection of Sostrene Grenes latest products click here

Now let’s go back (virtually) to H&M as their collection of cushions is absolutely massive and it would be a shame not to mention these beauties.

These are absolutely gorgeous pineapple cushions in gold and black or gold and white. If you can’t decide which one to choose you’ll be happy to know that they cost only £6.99 each so it won’t be a crime to buy both.

Pineapple cushion covers from H&M

If you can’t wait to longer days, brighter sky’s and the smell of a freshly cut grass, then  you’re not alone. I think we all wait for the spring to finally arrive and make herself comfortable in our lives again. And what’s a better way of welcoming the spring to our homes than with a new cushion fit for the occasion. This lovely Hello cushion from Next will do just that. And what a bright yellow colour! Hello…it’s me…I was wondering if you could buy me… And the cost? – £14!

Hello cushion from Next

And here’s another beauty from Next. Again – bang on trend with its botanical motif that will bring spring-feel to your home (not to mention the most popular colour of this year – Pantone’s Greenery!) This one is at £18.

You can read about the Pantone’s colour of 2017 in here

Next cushion

And here’s just one more cushion in Scandi style I just couldn’t not show you as it is the cheapest one I have found (from all the pretty ones that is). This triangle shapes cushion is from George Home and it cost only £5, so no excuses there – your house has to be pretty this spring!

Grey triangle cushion from George Home

If high street shops are not your thing and you actually prefer buying from the comfort of your own home then you should definitely check out Redboubble. It is the shop for everyone who dares to be different and absolutely the place with the largest cushion collection I have ever seen. This marble and copper cushion is screaming TRENDY!!! And you will be surprised that is still under £20 – actually it costs only £14!

Marble effect cushion from Redboubble

Or maybe something a bit more on the fun side? Then how about these gorgeous dripping lips at £14? Lick it?  I mean like it?

Rose gold lips cushion from Redboubble

Ok, so the true is I could just go on and on and on about cushions. I’m sure you all know by now I’m a big cushion fan (or cushion hugger actually). In fact, why this shouldn’t become a series… new cushions for every season. Maybe that will convince you that you too need more cushions in your life (and deep down you are a cushion hugger too)!

P.S. This post IS NOT an advertisement, and all opinions (as always) are my own.





  1. Paul
    May 4, 2017

    This is very stylish. I believe that cushion designs can do great on your interior design.

    • Anonymous
      May 4, 2017

      Yes Paul, I think it’s the easiest way to update the room.


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