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Hello! It’s me!

Hi there!

It’s me, pretending to look cool, like nobody was actually taking a photo of me… Yeah right?!

So I guess you’ve landed on that page because you want to know a little bit more about me and this blog.

So first of all – thank you for stopping by! I wish I had a real coffee and cake here so we could just chat away. Instead I have words. But not that many, I don’t want to bore the pants off you with my “me talk”.

So as you already know, my name is Anne Marie. But to be honest no one calls me that (except for my mum). Everyone else calls me Ania (which is basically the same as Annie but with an “a”). For as long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about interiors, but never really thought much of it, until we bought our first house five years ago. And ever since my passion for interiors grew bigger and turned into an obsession. And then the obsession turned into a thirty something woman going back to studying (but that’s another story).

With a budget not equally big as my hopes for the house I realized I had to take things into my own hands – LITERALLY!

And so my adventure with painting, up-cycling, making, re-purposing and crafting started. And with the adventure came this blog (although it took me three years to find the courage and start writing about it).

On those few pages called Very Me Interiors you will find everything that is literally very me. And it happens to be interiors and DIY’s. But mainly how to do thing yourself, while spending as little money as possible. Because that’s the true beauty of it. Wouldn’t life be boring if we all had the money to spend on whatever we want? Yeah… it may seem like a dream (OK, it is a dream). But my pursuit to a beautiful and happy home is not by buying things (OK, that too) but by making it. So if you want to create a beautiful home that represents your dreams rather than your wallet, feel free to come back to my little blog whenever you want. My weekly posts cover everything from pom-poms making to big makeovers and with anything else interior related thrown in between as well. If you want to say Hi you can use my contact form, Facebook or Twitter. And you can always catch me on Instagram too – I spend way too much time in there!

So bye now, and please come back soon!