How to become a styling pro – 5 steps to a perfect shelfie!



Ok, so let me start by saying that I absolutely love this new trend! And the fact that shelfies are replacing very well-known (and painfully often seen) selfies, makes me love it even more! Because (and I think you’re gonna agree with me on that) it is so much more pleasurable to look at the photos of nicely styled shelves than a photo of unnaturally twisted lips (to the point that you can actually feel the real pain). And as a complete selfie failer (yes, I’m guilty of taking salfies in the past) I just could not teach you that (although I think there must a logarithm to it). Shelfies on the other hand…I can definitely teach you that!

How many times did you see a photo of perfectly styled shelves or sideboards and thought: “I wish my house looked like that”. Well, it can! Just follow these five steps that every stylist, designer or even blogger use, and you’ll see how easy it is. And soon you’ll become your very own styling pro!

Let’s start!

1.Use books as stands! I know this may sound crazy but laying few books flat on the shelf have two purposes. Firstly it is just a way of storing books – they don’t always have to be stack vertically. And secondly you add interest to your shelf by creating a stand for something else (like flowers or a candle). So it is both – beautiful and practical!




2. The rule of three (or any other odd number). This is something you will see on almost every shoot in home magazines. And that’s because odd numbers are more interesting and therefore our eyes will be drawn to everything that’s in threes, fives or even sevens (but don’t go too far on that, by the time our eyes count to 23 they’ll lose their interest). Creating displays like that is literally as easy as one, two, three! Use whatever you have making sure that the objects are all different heights. If you’re more of a matchy matchy person and you’re afraid of mixing things (although I think you shouldn’t) you can always go for (insert your odd number here) candle holders in the same style and colour. BUT REMEMBER – THEY ALWAYS HAVE TO BE DIFFERENT HEIGHTS!!! Otherwise all your efforts will be lost.




3. Throw some artwork in. This could be anything from simple picture, framed poster to a photo of your messy hooligans at their best. By doing this your shelf will look more personal and not so “styled” (as crazy as it sounds we are styling the shelf to make it look like it hasn’t been styled). Prop your artwork against the wall instead of hanging it. This is something you might have never considered before but if you’re after that casual look – that’s the way to go! Especially if you’re styling a sideboard or a console table.





Click here to see how to make your very own LOVE picture

4. Let it be light! Whenever possible incorporate a table lamp into your display. Alternatively you can use fairy lights in different forms, shapes and sizes, squeezed into a jar or a bottle or simply laid on the shelf. Your creativity is your only limit here!



5. Bring in some flowers. If you’re styling the top of your sideboard – go big! Big vase (or a jug) with some nice big flowers. But if  you’re styling a shelf, go for a smaller option like small plants in some fancy pots. Succulents are great here, and they will look fab on the “book stands”. And here’s something you would never hear from me a couple of months ago, but people change right?! So here it goes: instead of fresh flowers you can use some artificial ones (here, I said it!). BUT!!! Buy only good quality flowers and never the cheap ones! You spend more, but considering you buy them only once, it is still worth it in a long run.





And just one more (bonus) tip. And that is the most important one! HAVE FUN!!! Mix shapes, sizes, styles and colours. Try different arrangements until you’re completely happy.




As you can see from the photos I don’t actually own any fancy expensive stuff. I throw in whatever I’ve got in the house (mostly books and candles!). And what’s great about this is that by moving things around, from one room to another you can have a completely new look without even spending a penny! (that’s why you can see some of my stuff on more than one photo).

Now try it for yourself, it really is that easy. And don’t forget to take a shelfie!!!





  1. Kelsie
    April 19, 2017

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

    • Anonymous
      April 20, 2017

      Thank you, happy to help 😉

  2. Anonymous
    March 21, 2017

    Those days are over in my house, although my five year old can still surprise me with his crazy ideas so I totally understand! And please don’t try to put anything on your tablet 🙂

  3. Veggie Mumma
    March 20, 2017

    Love every single one of these. But I use my tablet for reading these days and my two old can reach shelves. But once he is over grabbing everything I will try out some of these. Thanks for the ideas.

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