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Ok, so today I decided to share with you something I did a couple of months ago. In our house there’s always a project of some sort and even I don’t keep track of everything that is going on in here…

I must say I do feel for Rob as he works away half of the time, so you can only imagine how bemused he often is when he comes back and sees that I have painted the whole house, re-painted most of our furniture or demolished a fireplace (real examples). And this project is just one of those that have been forgotten (and  of course done while he was away). But I think it deserves a mention in here, as it would be a shame not to.


Ok, so the secret to quick tiling is no tiling at all!!! And I know what you’re gonna think now (FOR GOD SAKE, NOT ANOTHER FAKE WALLPAPER IDEA!?!?). But let me tell you something before you banish my blog forever. It works! The wallpaper looks just like the real thing, even though that wasn’t my intention at all. I just liked the colour and the pattern, that’s all. And maybe that’s the secret. Don’t try to recreate or fake the look. Choose whatever takes your fancy and if it happens to look exactly like some real material and people fall for it, that’s even better. But don’t try to convince yourself that the pattern on the wallpaper will look like real wood or real tiles, because for you it will always be a wallpaper, no matter how freaking amazing or expensive it was! You just have to love the wallpaper for what it is, not for what it could be! My wallpaper was  love at first sight. And with a price of £10 for a roll I loved it even more. And before you ask – yes, for this project I actually purchased a roll (and took some other samples, because when you’re buying a wallpaper it means you’re decorating and then you’re absolutely entitled to take few samples… or few more than a few!). 



So, if you’ve seen a wallpaper that you really liked and even thought about doing the same thing I did in my kitchen, but changed your mind in fear that it would look fake, then change your mind back!!! This project is easy to do , you can have whatever you want on your wall (because it is your wall!), it will take very little of your time (literally 15 minutes) and honestly there just can’t be any DIY disasters like with real tiling (unless disaster is your second name, then I can guarantee nothing). What’s also important (to me very important) is that you can easily update the look if you fancy a change. And if you’re worried that it won’t last in your kitchen environment, then worry no more, because I tried and it hasn’t changed a bit! But if you really need that extra peace of mind, just give your new “tiles” a quick coat or two of varnish and you’ll get a protection and even that extra shimmer of real tiles.  


So – fake it or no fake it? That seems to be the question. Or maybe I should rather ask – DO YOU LOVE YOUR HOUSE? Because at the end it is all about loving your house… I love my house. It suits me. It’s Very Me!!!







  1. Diane
    May 15, 2019

    Hi, did you remove the original tiles or wallpaper over them?
    TIA x

    • Anonymous
      May 16, 2019

      Nope, there were no tiles before ?

  2. Anonymous
    March 19, 2017

    People always say that it looks like real tiles 🙂 The wallpaper was from B&Q and it cost £10 but I actually know that some time later they were reduced to £3 per roll!!! I wallpapered it onto the wall so really easy and quick job. You can definitely have it above the cooker and yes, protecting it with a glass panel would do the trick. But in my opinion you could get away with giving the wallpaper a few good coats of clear varnish for protection and it will cost you a lot less.

  3. Marta Hutt
    March 18, 2017

    Ha! You got me there! I was sure these were tiles by looking at the pictures and I instantly thought that you must have been collecting odd tiles in flea markets and antiques shops! I love that wallpaper! Where is it from? Did you wallpaper onto the old tiles or onto the wall? Would you do it above the cooker as well and then perhaps put a glass panel over to protect it ?

  4. marry black
    February 20, 2017

    good idea.You did a great job too.Its so quick so we can concentrate on another pending work.

    • Anonymous
      February 20, 2017

      Thank you, quick updates are my speciality, I’m too lazy for long projects 🙂


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