Pantone colour of the year 2017

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Ok, so it’s that time of the year again. And no, I don’t mean Christmas (although it should be my priority as I’m not ready at all!). Colour company Pantone just revealed that the new colour of the year 2017 is this beautiful “tangy-yellow-green”, simply named Greenery.


I must say it comes as a surprise to me, or maybe I’m just still living in my baby blue and dusty pink bubble (for 2016 Pantone chose first two-tone colour of the year with Rose Quartz and Serenity, known to us, normal people, as baby blue and dusty pink).


Green is known as a calming colour of nature and hopefulness. Choosing this zesty shade is a respond to our stressful world. It provides reassurance, revitalize and rejuvenate. The good thing about green is that it goes well with almost any colour and next year’s “Greenery” can be paired with this year’s Rose Quartz & Serenity duo. (which is great if you went crazy with this year’s colours in your home).

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So if you want to stay ahead of this new colour trend for year 2017, have a look at my selection of affordable high street buys. And if you’re (like me) still not convinced with the new colour choice, you can just add “Greenery” by adding plants to your home. Although you don’t need an excuse to do that.

So here you go – get one of these and you can call yourself a queen (or a king) of the new colour.








  1. lily
    April 4, 2017

    Green and pink must color combination. I like beautiful sofas color.

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    March 11, 2017

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  3. sasha
    March 9, 2017

    Green is known as a calming color of nature and hopefulness. So I use it For my Curtain.

    • Anonymous
      March 22, 2017

      Yes, it’s always nice to have some green colour in your life : )

  4. Aman
    December 21, 2016

    i like the curtains with this beautiful sofa

    • Anonymous
      February 5, 2017

      Yes, I agree, it looks very nice.


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