Style your home with some junk*?!



Recently I’ve been helping out at the vintage shop as their visual merchandiser (yes, that’s the actual post, I’ve not made it up) It is funny how in our modern society many people still think about buying second-hand. I understand the reluctance and all that but really what’s wrong with buying a book that someone else read before, or is it really gonna kill you if you drink from a used glass (new dishwasher tablets could kill an elephant, surely they get rid of the germs).

So my creativity has been put to a test with so many lovely, often quirky pieces from different eras, as well as some junk (but you know what they say, someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure). Eager to start, with kids at school and Rob hoping that this will stop me from constantly moving things around in our house, (does he really know me?!) I began my work. After a quick look around I realised that this was going to be much tougher than I thought. But only few minutes later I was like a kid in a sweet shop, running from a shelf to shelf excitedly shouting “This one, and this one, and…oh, this one please (only I wasn’t shouting, well – almost). So the hours passed and I was in my little bubble, happily turning the shop upside down (which is what I do best). And the result? Look for yourself. If this is what I could create in the vintage shop, just imagine what you could create in your own home. Just pick up some accessories from around the room, group them together (the best are groups of threes) and make little displays on the shelves or side tables. And if you’re lacking those final few pieces, head to your nearest charity shop for your very own treasure hunting. And remember it is not just about saving money, it’s about giving your home personality and making it look different. And if you still don’t like the idea of buying used items, think about it as being green and saving the planet by salvaging unwanted items from being dumped at the landfill. And ooh, they can be salvaged in style!!!





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