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There is no better time of year to add more cushions… My bed is a home to so many cushions that every night we have to dig out to even find the bed… And almost every night I hear “Do we really need that many cushions?” when someone is ostentatiously scattering them all over the bedroom floor, only to hear “Can you pass me a cushion?” five minutes later while he’s in his reading mode. So if you’re a cushion lover like me, you agree that having too many cushions is always better than not having cushions at all. Add a cushion or two to your sofa and it will instantly change the look of your living room. Few more cushions on the bed to make sure you stay comfy for those long winter nights. Just add a good book and your evening’s sorted (I guess now someone should thank me for that). Add oversized cushions on the floor in kids rooms for them to get comfy when they play with their friends. And obviously no armchair look is complete without a cushion and a blanket. In fact they should always come as a set…

So, for all of you crazy cushion maniacs, and for those of you who rather stick to just a pair (one cushion each side of the sofa right?) here are the latest trends and what you can find in the shops…

Let’s play Snake and Ladders


If you’re looking for something unique then this monochrome cushion “Character”designed by Emily Humphrey and available from could be just a thing for you. Or if not for you it could definitely make a great Christmas present for a board game fanatic. Will you love the price? You decide, at £25 it’s a little bit pricey for me.

Out of the woods


Not feeling christmassy yet? No problem! Head to H&M, spend £6,99 (yes, that’s right £6,99!) and you’ll get yourself the cutest cushion for the cutest price. And if you have some money left over, for the same price you can buy more cushions from this woodland range and add even more cuteness to your home.

H&M Home



If you’ve been living on another planet and sill not quite familiar with this ombre trend, this cushion is exactly what this style is. So if you’re not brave enough to “go ombre” all over your walls than this cushion from Graham&Brown will bring this style to your home in small dozes. And they come in few shades as well (but you can’t not love this gorgeous blue colour, which is oh, so very me :)) Think you can’t afford it? Think again, it’s on sale right now at £14!


Have a seat…


Fancy a cuppa by the fire? Then why not instead of fiddling on a small cushion you pinched from the sofa, you get yourself a cushion that is actually designed to be sat on (and because these cushion are made to fit any bum you can even have a biscuit or two with that cuppa). You will have to pay for the pleasure though, at £60 it’s not exactly cheap, but considering you won’t need a chair (and can have a biscuit) I think it’s worth it (although it’s still too much for me).

Graham and Green


Let it snow…


If you’re not a big fan of red and green than why not take a bit more contemporary route to this Christmas? These very simple, yet stylish cushions from Etsy will add a wintery feel to your living room without being too traditional. Price? Depending on the size they cost between £18 and £45, which sounds a lot but what you get is a very unique, hand made cushion.


Party time


Pink is still the colour of the year and in combination with this metallic finish makes it bang on trend. So if you’re preparing for this party season and want to add some glamour to your living room you will love this cushion from George. And what’s best is that you can order online and collect it while shopping for your bread at Asda. Oh, the price is great too, £8!


Pom poms


And last but not least on my list are these gorgeous Felt Gypsy cushions from Graham and Green. Beautiful colours, beautiful texture and pom pom trims will add a lively impact to any room. But you will have to pay £30 for that style injection. Or more if you want to add even more style (read: more cushions).





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