Quick post about the quickest kid’s room update ever!!!



One of my friends asked me recently if I make something new for the house every day. I smiled and said “almost every day”. It’s funny, because I never thought about myself as a creative person. There are so many unfinished projects in the house and so many ideas that only stay in my head and never even make it to the starting line simply because I’m too lazy (although I like to think it’s because I don’t have enough time). But as it turns out being lazy can be a positive thing! Well…, almost…

After a complete overhaul in our kid’s bedrooms last year I still wasn’t satisfied with the look, and especially with my daughter’s bedroom. The white and turquoise walls were looking too bare. And if there is one thing I don’t like the most it’s the empty walls. So, for some time I was thinking about painting geometric shapes or making paint stamps. I quickly realised this was out of the question as my love for painting started to show. The walls were protesting and begging for mercy by showing me their cracks! Adding even more paint to the walls is a risky business now (which basically means a massive job of striping all those years of painting next time I want to decorate!).

By the time I made the surprising discovery I had my heart set on copper-effect painted polka-dots. But now I needed a plan B! And that actually was quite easy because my new plan B was my first plan A, before it became plan B… (what???) In short: before the idea of painted polka-dots there was an idea of polka-dots stickers (see, I told you that being lazy can be a positive thing). The idea died out because I was too afraid of a tacky finish. But because I didn’t really have any other choice if I wanted to pursue my polka-dotted’s mission, I had to forget about “tacky” and take the risk. Although the stickers I found on Ebay cost me £4.99 for a pack of 120, so it was hardly any risk! (click here to get some for your project)

Copper effect polka dot stickers from Booizzi

Obviously from the array of colours I chose the copper ones. They were delivered couple of days later. And as they didn’t need any preparation it literally took me couple of minutes to apply them to the wall (I didn’t use all 120 of them!). And because  it was so uncomplicated and straightforward, my daughter helped too (in the end, what could be so complicated about putting a few stickers up on the wall?!…literally anyone can do it). We didn’t have to wait to see the effect, there was no mess to clean up and it cost less than a tin of paint. And the effect? Not so tacky at all!!! Me and Suzanna, both loved it!







What do you think? Not bad, huh?

Now, I’m sure that most of you know that what one kid has the other kid wants too so I didn’t even try to protest. The walls in my son’s bedroom did not show any signs of protest either but… Why on earth I would make myself work hard (and then clean hard) just to prove (to whom?) that I can do it better with the paint? The stickers look fab in one room, they’re gonna look fab in the other room too! I still had lots of stickers left but I didn’t want to have the same polka-dots walls all over the place. So I went back on Ebay in search for  star stickers. And oh boy, I had to choose again.

There’s one thing you should know about me – deciding on one thing does not come easy to me, even if it’s just bloody stickers. I normally ask Rob for his opinion and then go for whatever he DID NOT choose (typical woman’s way of thinking right?).

But at the end I decided on these star stickers form Kiddy Sticks:


Click here to buy

And the end result is this:









And just to proof that I’m not en evil mum, there it is, my eyesore – the Hot Wheels track system on the wall (quite clever space-saving idea, I must admit)!



With both of the kids happy (after couple of minutes of arguing who’s got better stickers?!) and mammy happy (because literally it was the easiest and the quickest project I have ever done) it was time to sit down and write all about it in order to convince you that you can do it too! And if you’ve never tackled any house projects on your own this is absolutely the best one to start with.


Are you thinking about updating your kids rooms? Let me know how it went? I’d love to hear your stories…







  1. Zuzanna
    February 24, 2017

    Super mama!!


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