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20161122_133859I am really excited to be unveiling Very Me Interiors. In here you will find everything you need to know about new trends in interior design, new looks of the season, easy (and most importantly inexpensive) DIY projects and lots, lots, lots more about my favourite subject.

The idea of this blog was in my head for quite a while but somehow it stayed there growing, not even trying to get out, as if it was not completely developed. Until now. I guess I should call it “my baby” (my third baby to be exact). And so like with every baby it needs lots of thinking, preparing, reading about and just loving the whole experience (even if sometimes you asked yourself why you did it at the first place :)).

I am not an expert on any ground, I’m not a writer and I’m certainly not a journalist (which you have probably figured out by now). I am just a little person who is passionate about little things. Those that put smile on your face, make you happy and make you feel good in your home. And yes, those two little people running around the house with crayons in their hands (literally destroying all my hard work) definitely put a huge smile on my face. But in here you will not find any tips on how to be the perfect mum (if only I knew that) or how to make a healthy cake (actually I know one and will happily share it). What you will find in here isĀ  how to turn your house into home and still have money left over for a cake or two. Welcome to Very Me Interiors…




  1. Zuzanna
    November 17, 2016

    I love my mummy and her beautiful designsxxxxx


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